Parking facility management

Design and security
We design and run parking facilities, providing the highest levels of service and security

Road haulage represents a significant proportion of motorway traffic and forms an important part of the road safety system, which is increasingly a focus point for bodies and institutions.

It's easy to understand the importance of well-organised and secure hospitality areas for this type of vehicle and road user.

We developed extensive expertise in this area by designing and building Europe’s largest parking facility which we still run today.

Our management model involves offering services for both vehicles and people, guaranteeing reliability, security and access control for all services. This allows us to provide the end customer with a high-quality experience at the same time as running the facility in an optimal and profitable way.

The objective is to offer hauliers a welcoming and safe place to take a break, enabling them in turn to provide services in a safe way.


This exemplary structure was opened in 2009 as a place for hauliers to take a break, stay overnight or park, conveniently and in total safety. The facility covers 173,000 m2 (the largest in Europe) and gives you the impression of entering a real “transport citadel”, where everything is organised and designed down to the last detail to guarantee efficient and rapid service provision. The parking facility is divided into 2 + 2 separate areas: Service area for people, Service area for vehicles, Parking and Fuel station