Motorway concessions

Quality and services

In order to guarantee the correct running of the Service Areas along the stretches of motorway that are managed on a concessionary basis, A4 Trading works on behalf of the motorway companies based on a system of sub-concessions. The aim is to manage the agreements in place with the main oil companies and food & drink providers who are required to maintain the commercial properties assigned to them.

Management of (sub-)concession agreements

Managing (sub-)concession agreements to enhance and improve services to users

Providing strategic business plans relating to all aspects of the concessionaire companies for the provision of services to users

Managing disputes

Service area inspectorate
  • On-site inspections in order to check that service levels meet the required quality standards and subsequent monitoring of the effectiveness of any corrective actions taken.
  • Regular reporting to the Concessionaire and to the (sub-)concessionaires.
  • Procedure for carrying out inspectorate activities
  • Fuel prices